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A response limit allows you to control the total number of responses an event form can receive. Currently, we support up to 1,000 registrations by default on a premium event. offers a free event plan. The event form is intended to be used for smaller events when you expect less than 15 responses. You can see the breakdown off our free and paid events on our pricing page.
Ensure your email address is correct on the profile page. Also ensure you allow the email address [email protected] on your email provider. Some services may block this email by default and it will need to be whitelisted.
Yes. If you created a premium event you have the option to change your link anytime by modifying your event in the dashboard.
We employ industry standard practices to ensure all your data and your guest’s data is secure. All data stored in our database is encrypted and database access is restricted from the outside internet. We never sell data to advertisers or any 3rd parties.
Absolutely. If you are not happy with the service and your event date has not yet passed we will offer you a full refund. Please email us to make a request. Refer to our Refund policy page for more details.
We currently don't support ticket sales. But check back in the future because we are planning on expanding our feature offering.
Currently you can choose between a handful of our preset themes. We are working to add the ability to customize colors and fonts to your liking in the future.

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